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NI782 - Brass Lamp Anchor & Wheel Base

2 NI782A - Brass Lamp Anchor & Wheel Base Antq. Finish
3 NI782B - Brass Lamps Wheel Bass W/Anchor Electric Fitting
4 NI782C - Brass Lamp W/Anchor & Wheel Electric Fitting
5 NI783 - Brass Lamp Anchor Base W/Wheel Electric Fitting
6 NI784 - Brass Lamp Helicopter Electric Fitting
7 NI784A - Brass Lamp Telegraph Electric Fitting
8 NI785 - Brass Lamp Anchor Electric Fitting
9 NI785A - Brass Lamp Aeroplane Electric Fitting
10 NI785B - Brass Pillar Lamp
11 NI786 - Brass Lamp Double Wheel Electric Fitting
12 NI786A - Brass Lamp Aeroplane Electric Fitting
13 NI787 - Brass Lamp W/2 Naught & Wheel Electric Fitting
14 NI796 - Brass Lamp Table, 83 cm
15 NI797 - Brass Lamp Table, 50 cm

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